Wedding Decor Trends To Swoon Over

Wedding decor trends to swoon over

Wedding décor comes in all shapes and sizes – with each couple choosing unique design accents to showcase their own personality. While wedding décor trends may come and go, we’re swooning over the latest unique trends to adorn modern-day nuptials. If you’re looking for inspiration to up the ante on your wedding aesthetic, look no further than these cute and customizable wedding décor trends.

Wedding decor trends

According to Japanese legends, if you fold 1,000 paper cranes your wish will be granted. One Wedgewood Weddings couple recently incorporated delicately folded origami cranes into multiple aspects of their wedding décor – including hanging cranes at the ceremony and individual cranes at table settings. The origami crane trend not only has a magical appeal, but it also has a beautiful-yet-understated aesthetic to any wedding.


Not to be confused with cheesecake, cheesecakes are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to wedding cakes. By stacking wheels of cheese and adding various fruit and floral accents, you can create the appearance of a wedding cake without any of the baking. If you don’t want to forego a traditional wedding cake, consider a charcuterie table or display during your cocktail as an homage to fromage.


Polaroid cameras are having another moment – and we’re 100% here for it! The resurgence of instant cameras has made its way to weddings, adding a fun and engaging way to capture memories from your nuptials. Create a photo station (props optional but recommended) complete with cameras, film, a photo book, and Sharpies. Guests can snap funny pics and leave notes of love for the happy couple to read and enjoy after the wedding.


Macramé is all the rage right now, especially for boho-chic weddings. Macramé is a craft technique that uses a variety of knots to create unique, geometric patterns. Macramé design accents can be hung from wedding arches, cake tables, chair backs, and more! The best part about macrame as a wedding décor trend is that it can be used on any scale – from smaller wall hangings to oversized accent pieces.


Not only are upcycled design accents perfect for a shabby-chic wedding, but they are also eco-friendly. For centerpieces, we love the concept of stacking books from a thrift store or arranging an assortment of glass (vases, mason jars, candle holders) for a one-of-a-kind look. A glass windowpane in a wood frame can also be repurposed to create a beautiful seating assignment display. With a keen eye and a little imagination, the possibilities are endless when it comes to upcycled décor.


Some flowers don’t just look beautiful – they taste delicious as well! There are various edible flower options available – including borage blossoms, hibiscus, and pansies – that can be incorporated into your wedding décor. From floral frozen ice cubes and drink infusions to plating for entrées and desserts, edible flowers are a fun way to include floral accents in your wedding design outside of the traditional centerpieces and bouquets.


Succulents are both beautiful and functional – a perfect blend when it comes to wedding décor trends! These small potted plants can be used as centerpieces, table seating assignments, and even party favors. For favors and seating assignments, a beautiful shelf can be used to elevate the succulent display. After the wedding, guests will love caring for their succulents and watching them grow.

With love always in bloom, we look forward to seeing more unique wedding décor trends sprout up at future weddings! What décor trends are you loving this season?

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