Style the wedding aisle in the sweetest way

Style the wedding aisle in the sweetest way

Whether you’re leaning more towards bundles of greenery, soft romantic candles or rose petals, your entrance down the aisle will be one of the most special moments of your wedding ceremony. So you will want to do it right. Your style doesn’t need to be over the top and extravagant in order to create something stunning. To make it a walk to remember, here are a few of the sweetest ways to style your wedding aisle.

Style the wedding aisle


Small floral arrangements are an elegant way to create a dramatic look. Consider incorporating flowers that match the bridal bouquets to create a cohesive style. Tip: these also can double as the table arrangements at the reception in order to keep floral costs down.



Consider lining the aisle with a small aisle runner and some florals to introduce a pop of colour or keep it neutral and simple as to not upstage the ceremony and bride.



Small bunches of flowers tied to the end chair creates a wonderfully rustic atmosphere whilst also transforming plain chairs into something a little more special.



Whether you’re having an indoor or outdoor ceremony, lanterns are the perfect way to introduce some ambience and warmth into the ceremony.



Flower cones hung on the end chair are an easy way to introduce your chosen theme into the ceremony, and style your wedding aisle as the options are endless. The material the flowers are wrapped in can be switched out to support the vibe of your wedding.



Here’s where you can let your DIY goddess shine! There are so many versatile ways to introduce mason jars into your aisle. Whether they’re filled with flowers or candles they will be beautiful and rustic touch.



Candle markers are so versatile and can work for any venue, or time of day. They are a romantic touch to any space and are an easy fallback option. They can also be used in so many ways, being paired with flowers or just simply by themselves.



The use of ferns is a great way of bringing the outdoors in or emphasising an outdoor space. The addition of white flowers creates a beautiful and whimsical atmosphere, like that of being in a forest.



If you’re looking at having a more traditional ceremony, varying amounts of rose petals in different shades is an easy way to decorate an aisle fit for a queen.



Colourful Persian rugs are a great way to create a welcoming environment. If you are seeking bohemian bliss, this is such an easy and beautiful option.



Consider incorporating small potted flowers or herbs into the aisle décor to add an organic touch to any garden or indoor wedding. Think about alternating pops of colour with greenery to create a lush and beautiful aisle.


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