Perfect Wedding Lounge Area

Perfect Wedding Lounge Area–

Tips on How to Create the Perfect Wedding Lounge Area

Perfect Wedding Lounge Area
Once you have got the financial implications and any legalities out of the way then it is time to plan ways in which to make the best of your wedding lounge area!

1. Tell the Guests That It is There

Alright, so the guests are excited, they are attending a wedding and most people love weddings. They may not take note of the lounge area or possibly think that it is being used for something else during the wedding.

Before entering the reception ask the Master of Ceremonies to let the guests know that after dinner and the other formalities. They are welcome to put their feet up in the lounge areas that have been provided.


2. Try to Match Your Wedding Theme

The wedding area should ideally match the theme of your reception, so it is important to match the wedding furniture as close as possible to the colors and theme of your wedding.


3. Make Use of Flower Arrangements

Add a few flower arrangements that match the arrangements on your wedding tables. This will help you to tie in with your wedding theme. You can also save money by using the same flower arrangements that were used in the church for your lounge reception areas.


4. Comfort is Key

The wedding reception lounge area is where your guests are going to go to get comfortable and have a rest. Especially if they have been dancing the night away! You need to make sure that the furniture is more comfortable than the wedding reception dining chairs.

Try to add in some cozy pillows or bean bags to make the area homely and comfortable for the guests. Your wedding reception lounge area can also be made up of both single and double chairs. Perfect for couples or single friends who want to sit in their own chairs.


5. Don’t Forget the Tables!

If the lounge chairs are not equipped with tables for the guest to put their drinks down on you are going to find them making their way back to the dining table.

At the same time, you also do not want to add to the risk of the furniture being messed on by guests who are trying to balance their drinks on the chairs that they are sitting on. Remember to add some coasters to the tables so that they are protected from any potential damage.

Tables are a must and very important to add to your rental list if you expect the guests to make proper use of the lounge reception area.


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