Metal Restaurant Furniture

Metal Restaurant Furniture–How to buy?

Restaurant furniture is manufactured from many different types of materials and in numerous styles.  The variety of options makes it easy for new or existing restaurant owners to find something that fits their personal style theme and décor.  Two of the most popular choices for material in the manufacture of restaurant furniture are metal and wood.  This article covers some basic information regarding buying metal restaurant furniture, including chairs, tables, barstools and bases.

Metal Restaurant Furniture

1. Why Buy Metal?

One of the greatest advantages in purchasing metal restaurant furniture is the wide variety of options available in metal.  Metal restaurant chairs are available in a vast array of different colored vinyl seats, an almost infinite amount of choices in back options, and many different stain colors of wood seats.  Metal restaurant barstools, like their metal restaurant chair counterparts, offer many choices of back, seat and color options.  There are also quite a few backless barstool options.

2. Metal is Budget friendly

Metal restaurant furniture is available in many budget friendly options.  There are many great budget friendly choices in all furniture categories, including tables, bases, bar stools and chairs.

For indoor use, the metal barstool, starts at $60 and the matching metal chair starts at $41. Of course, these are only a few examples, and metal restaurant chairs and barstools are available in almost every price point.

3. Metal is Durable

Even though metal restaurant furniture is very economical, it is also extremely durable. The metals used in the manufacture of indoor and outdoor metal restaurant furniture are high quality, and since they are made for commercial use, are very durable. Metal restaurant furniture is manufactured from many different types of metals. Just a few materials metal restaurant furniture are manufactured from include stainless steel, chrome, anodized aluminum or cast aluminum.

When welded joints are used on metal restaurant chairs or barstools, this can increase their durability.  Welded joints where parts come together hold together much better than joints that are bolted together. Metal chairs with a bolt and nut to secure the joints, even when using a lock washer, are harder to maintain, and are normally found in metal chairs for home use.  A final note on durability of metal chairs is that often times, the finish on metal chairs will last much longer than on wood chairs.

4. Metal is Great for Indoor or Outdoor Use

A lot of metal restaurant tables, chairs and barstools are manufactured for indoor and outdoor use.  Stainless steel restaurant tables are perfect for use either in indoor or outdoor spaces.  A new trend in some restaurants is sliding restaurant garage style or sliding glass doors that open. Or creating indoor/outdoor spaces that may be partially covered.

Metal restaurant furniture is ideal for these applications since it can stand up to outdoor elements and still maintain its durability.  Many of the metal outdoor furniture options at Wedding Furniture are available with matching tables, bases, chairs, and barstools making it easy to design a perfect patio.

5. Metal Can Be Lightweight

A lot of metal restaurant furniture, especially metal furniture which is designed for outdoor use is lightweight.  Even though it is lightweight it is still extremely durable.

Why would a restaurant want lightweight furniture? Lightweight restaurant tables, bases, chairs and barstools are easier to move.  This makes metal furniture ideal for outdoor applications where the tables may be moved more often for storage, etc. Or for any restaurant application where customers may want to move tables together to form bigger or smaller seating groups.

This is more efficient for restaurants. Because groups of smaller tables can easily and quickly be put together to form a large table, instead of purchasing large tables.

Whatever your needs are in metal restaurant barstools, chairs, bases, or tables. The experienced customer service representatives at Wedding Furniture will have the knowledge to assist you.  Wedding Furniture has been selling commercial restaurant furniture since 2006. And the staff is very friendly and always happy to answer any questions and offer personalized advice on any customers’ commercial furniture needs.


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