Why You Should Consider a Kids Wedding Table

Why You Should Consider a Kids Wedding Table

Tips for Creating the Ultimate Space for Little Ones at Your Event

On the fence about whether or not you should have a kids wedding table at your reception? Don’t worry; you’re not alone! Many couples flip-flop back and forth on the kids table debating, or better yet, inviting children to their wedding all together. As you may know from already planning your reception’s menu, the cost to feed even a little mouth can quickly add up. Not to mention, your wedding-day timeline doesn’t allow for too much wiggle room when it comes to entertaining little ones. However, despite the costs and obstacles, there are, of course, many pros to having loved ones of all ages at your wedding. From flower girls and ring bearers adorably walking down the aisle, to never-forget moments of toddlers on the dance floor, kids at weddings bring a sweet vibe to any aesthetic. But, you should make sure they have a designated place to go to during your event, like a kids wedding table.

Why You Should Consider

What exactly is a kids wedding table anyway?

If you’re sold on inviting kids to your wedding, you may be asking yourself ask how exactly you should seat them during your formal reception. Enter, the kids wedding table. Creating an exclusive space for kids to go to during your wedding will not keep your reception free of finger-sized holes in your cake, but will also give the children something to look forward to at your event. Especially if you utilize your vendors to create the ultimate kids wedding table. Need ideas? We’ve got you covered. We asked the pros to share their advice on kids wedding tables and also lend some inspo along the way!  

Enlist a pro to watch over 

A kids wedding table is the perfect compromise between having an “adults only” event and inviting all the little ones in your life. But, you should look into hiring someone day of to manage this part of your event for you and be the on-site solution for a kid-friendly event. People love weddings. People love children. But weddings AND children? Rest assured that this is a topic that comes up in the wedding planning process worldwide, and there can easily be hurt feelings or family drama surrounding this topic. Having an on-site room for children only is a way to not offend anyone by making it an “adults only” event, but still making sure that everyone in attendance enjoys themselves (AKA the bride doesn’t have to worry about juice box stains on her gown, crying little guests during the ceremony, interrupted speeches during the reception, or little fingers digging into the perfect wedding cake frosting.)

Keep them entertained with unique wedding kids table activities.

Weddings can feel very buttoned-up and boring to a child who doesn’t have something in front of them to stimulate their brain. Games, coloring sheets, and even a movie corner will keep kids entertained (and make them think they’re really getting the sweet end of the deal!

Plus, you can always add fun additions to the table décor-wise or give them fun activities to do. That way it doesn’t throw off the design of the wedding and makes them feel really special! We’ve done all kids tables before by having a low-rise table where the kids got to sit on the ground on pillows and another one where we created a mini canopy out of ribbon and gave them little paper car boxes that they got to eat their food out of. Making it fun for the kids keeps them entertained throughout dinner.

Go the extra mile and opt for a kids-only room. 

You should definitely consider having a kid’s table or kid’s room so the adults can celebrate with no distractions, while the kids have fun in their own way and in their own safe, exciting space. After sitting still through the ceremony, children (and their parents) will never forget your thoughtfulness. Today, beautiful plates are made of melamine, a material that does not break. And gone are the days of basic plastic cups, almost any style and color available in glass can be closely matched in plastic. The kids table can be safe for play and gorgeous! Trade out the sharp knives and wine glasses for a collection of toys that you enjoyed playing with as children. Legos, dolls and board games are great options to keep the children busy and create memories on your special day.

Be strategic in your décor to avoid accidents!

For the floral centerpiece, consider a stunning arrangement of blooms in a low, unbreakable compote dish. This will prevent a tall floral design from toppling over as children bump the table while playing and raise the florals off the table just enough to maximize their space to play.

Don’t forget that kids are guests, too. 

If you are going to include kids at your wedding reception, they are your guests as well so put as much thought into their entertainment as the adults! Design a kid-friendly tablescape, arrange for entertainment, like a balloon artist, face painter, or magician, and make sure they are comfortable and happy. Arrange for sitters to set up a room with movies, video games, arts + crafts, or even a fully themed room (think sports, or fantasy, etc.). That way, parents can enjoy the festivities knowing their kiddos are in good hands.

And remember, weddings can be fun for kids too!

There are so many fun ideas to include such as Legos, a scavenger hunt, a special kids’ only candy table, and even a fun kids mocktail! The fun flows over to the parents who don’t have to worry about finding a babysitter and everyone in your family can join in the celebration.

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