Wedding At An Open-air Venue with A Tented Outdoor Reception

Wedding At An Open-air Venue with A Tented Outdoor Reception

How do you transform an open field into a dreamy wedding venue under the stars? We’ve got all the answers. With all the abrupt changes the pandemic has brought to the wedding industry, one thing that remains the same among vendors and couples is creative solutions. Venue changes seem to be top of the list. But even if you’re not faced with that specific challenge, a ceremony with an outdoor reception is always a romantic option. Setting up an intimate wedding in an open field–so, literally anywhere—might be just the creative solution you need.

Wedding At An Open-air Venue

How to Select a Location for an Open-Field Wedding

An open field is a blank canvas—and depending on your personality, that’s either incredibly exciting or a little bit scary. You essentially have two options when it comes to choosing a location: a venue or private property.

A traditional venue with a wide-open space offers the following benefits:

  • An understanding and familiarity of needs for a wedding day
  • A location for catering to utilize for preparing meals for a plated diner
  • Both bathroom and handwashing facilities
  • Power for various necessities such as lights for the evening
  • Necessary permits are not likely to be acquired

If you have access to private land, it’s essential to ensure a few things with the property owner:

  • Permission to stake off a space for a tent
  • Ability to access power either by power cord or generator
  • Bathroom and handwashing facilities (or the ability to hire a vendor to provide this service)
  • Location for catering to prepare meals, plates, and hosts to serve
  • Point of contact/planner for the event

There are two more things to consider when you’re selecting the location for an open-field wedding: the terrain and the time of year.

Terrain of location:

Temporary infrastructures like a tent or ceremony backdrop require consideration of the terrain. There must be a reasonably leveled area for tables, chairs, and other furnished needs for your ceremony and reception. You also want to keep the mobility of your guests in mind, as elderly family members will need easy access to the location.

The time of year: 

Once you select the location, the date must be considered in order to avoid harsh environmental elements that may be presented with each season. While you may be able to install some heaters or fans, spring or fall are your best bets to avoid extreme weather.

Design + Decor for an Outdoor Ceremony

Take a moment and evaluate the open space for your ceremony.

Consider things like seasonal florals, the color of the changing leaves, the possibility of snow, the tones of a rockface, the serene blue of a nearby lake, or the green grass in early spring. Then, consider those natural elements when nailing down everything from your color scheme to the architectural pieces to the florals at your ceremony.

How to Set Up a Tented Outdoor Reception

How do you create an experience in a field?

Hosting a tented outdoor reception is your wow factor! A tent not only shields guests from the potential elements but also has a purpose in design. The tent kept guests shaded during the day and transformed into an intimate candle-lit gathering space at night!

Set up a lounge.

Lounges create a secondary space for guests to gather before and after the meal. Focus on a mix of textures that bring the location to life!

Dining options.

You can think about dinner al fresco two ways: a traditional table + chair set or an intimate low-profile dinner under the open sky. Or why not both? Grandparents would be more comfortable under the tent while your bridal party could enjoy a fun twist on the dinner setting.

Make it cozy.

You can create a space under the stars that’s both comfortable and stylish. Start with a jute-style rug under the low-profile table, then top with fluffy accent pillows for seating.

Outdoor Décor for an Open Field Wedding

It’s all in the details.

An intimate wedding experience allows you to focus on the details without getting overwhelmed. Imagine details as the stepping stones to the journey you’re about to embark on!

Focus on the table. 

Find ways to include the natural elements in décor throughout the day. Tabletop is an excellent place to start!

Put it to paper.

From invitations to signage to everything in between, paper goods are an excellent way to drop in thematic details.

The final thing to remember about getting married under the stars? It just gets dreamier as the night goes on!

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