Wedding Centerpiece for Oval Tables

Wedding Centerpiece for Oval Tables

Tables don’t always get the attention they deserve during the wedding planning process, mostly because brides and grooms don’t know just how many different kinds of tables there are to choose from!

Rectangular and round tables are commonly used, but you can also find square tables, tall tables, and short tables. What about oval tables? Are oval tables out of style?

Absolutely not! You just don’t see them as often because traditional reception spaces don’t usually have them on-site. Instead, brides and grooms specifically choose oval tables for their unique look.

The question is, exactly how do you decorate an oval table? Here are some of our favorite wedding centerpiece ideas for oval tables.

Wedding Centerpiece for Oval Tables

Set the Stage With the Right Tablecloth

Before you think too much about what to put on top of the table, you have to set the stage with the right tablecloth. That’s not easy when most tablecloths are round or rectangular in shape!

What tablecloth fits an oval table? You can use a rectangular table cloth:

  • 48″ X 60″ tablecloths will fit oval tables up to 32″ X 44″
  • 72″ X 90″ tablecloths will fit oval tables up to 56″ X 74″
  • 72″ X 108″ tablecloths will fit oval tables up to 56″ X 92″

Long and Lean Centerpieces

Long tables look beautiful with long and lean centerpieces. That includes rectangular tables, but this concept is also one of our favorite wedding centerpiece ideas for oval tables too!

The materials don’t matter so much as how they are arranged. Instead of bunching things like vases full of flowers and candles in the center of the table, arrange them in a line along the middle of the table, stopping before the edge, so you still have plenty of room for place settings on the ends of the table.

Centerpieces That Mimic the Oval Shape of the Table

The oval is such a unique shape for a reception table. Why not mimic that look with an oval table centerpiece?

Oval bowls are a great way to mimic the oval shape of the table. The bowl can be filled with bouquets of flowers, fruit, moss balls, and anything else you can come up with.

Create a Scattered Centerpiece

Centerpieces don’t have to be structured and even. They can appear more organic and natural when you scatter items all along the center of the table.

Geometric votive candle holders can be beautiful when scattered all over the table among dainty flower arrangements, but you can also create wedding centerpieces without candles. Scatter the table with flower petals, crystals, tiny potted plants, and anything else you can dream up.

Opt for High Impact Florals

Traditional-style floral arrangements can look lovely on oval tables, but because oval tables are a bit off the beaten path, we think your florals should be too.

Consider wedding centerpieces with orchids in pots, flowers that spill out of their containers onto the table, and tall floral arrangements that tower over guests.

Ditch the Flowers

You have plenty of options if you’re on the hunt for wedding centerpieces without flowers. Of course, candles are always an option, but there are a lot of creative options out there for you to choose from.

Instead of using flowers and leafy foliage, consider decorating with arrangements of grape wood branches. Lanterns and birdcages are popular, as are books and feathers. We especially love centerpieces that feature clumps of crystals, like geodes, amethyst, and quartz.


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