The Best Barstools for Restaurant

The Best Barstools for Restaurant

The Best Barstools for Restaurant


Consideration for buying Restaurant Barstools

Barstools combine comfortable seating with elegant looks, and they can be a valuable addition to your restaurant. While most of the restaurant barstools come with a matching armchair and side chair, you can buy them separately as well. With or without back, with or without arms, and swivel options, there are plenty of custom features to choose from! Apart from their design, color, quantity, etc., look for the following considerations before buying barstools for your restaurant.

1. Height Options: 

Diner Barstools, with their narrow profile, is space-saving and convenient. However, they are of little use if they don’t fit well under the counter. Selecting the perfect height for your restaurant barstools requires you to measure the table height and consider the legroom. A quick way is to measure the height of your restaurant table or counter and subtract 9 to 12 inches, which gives you the ideal seating height of the barstool. Traditionally, most diner barstools have a seat height of around 29 to 32 inches which goes with the standard 42-inch high restaurant counters.

2. Back Options:

When it comes to the back options in the barstools, the sky is the limit. With so many materials, finishes, patterns, and colors, you are spoilt for choices. Barstools with a winged, padded back offer the best comfort for your guests. On the other hand, backless wooden barstools are minimalistic and increasingly becoming popular. Backless barstools are affordable, don’t require much space, and are effortless to clean. Also, they are easy to get in and out and cause minimum disruption in a busy, crowded place.

Chair Storage and Transportation

In a restaurant, like any commercial property, you have limited storage space. Whether you are storing the outdoor stackable chairs in between the seasons or the stackable buffet chairs between events, transporting and storing restaurant chairs can be a nightmare. Invest in high-quality, durable carts to make your staff’s life easier. Here are a few options you can try:

  • Chair Carts:  Perhaps the simplest and the most economical way, chair carts are perfect for storing or transporting restaurant stackable chairs. They usually have four caster wheels under a tray and a long handle to push it around.
  • Multi-Mover Carts: The heavy-duty construction of multi-mover carts allows the effortless movement of bulky restaurant chairs. They feature four big wheels that are easy to navigate on any terrain- perfect for moving stackable patio chairs. Additionally, you can use these carts to lift and move other restaurant items like tables, tents, equipment, dishware racks, etc.
  • Mantis or Chair Dolly: Similar to multi-mover carts, the mantis consists of two forks that scoop the stack of chairs. First, the chairs are stacked, strapped, and loaded on top of a pallet. The pallet is then scooped by the mantis and transported. This technique is perfect for moving a large number of stacking chairs quickly and works on any terrain.

Summing it up

barstools are the perfect way to give a facelift to your restaurant’s ambiance. They are space-saver, affordable, versatile, durable, long-lasting, and visually appealing. Their availability in different materials, colors, patterns, features, etc., makes them suitable for any restaurant theme. Before selecting a particular barstool for your restaurant, understand your requirements, your clientele, your budget, and its intended use.


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