Sweetheart Table Styles

Sweetheart Table Styles

Get inspired to sit in style with your new spouse at an intimate reception table.


Sweetheart Table Styles

Once the vows have been exchanged, the first kiss enacted, and the newlyweds sent back up the aisle, it’s time for the festivities to truly get going. As revelers mix and mingle, they’ll explore the reception space and eventually find their seats at a dinner table showcasing décor that matches the motif of the event. While friends and family sit down to enjoy delicious fare, the couple of honor will also have a table to go to. Despite the old saying that brides and grooms don’t typically get to eat at their own wedding. The question is – what kind of table style will the newlyweds conceptualize for their special day?

If a couple decides to dine at a sweetheart table as opposed to sitting at a head table – A smaller table meant just for them versus a longer style that includes the bridal party and/or immediate family – They’re looking for just the right touch of intimacy during the celebration. Modern pairs have a plethora of options when it comes to the structure and design of their table. You can go the “royalty” route, including throne-like seats and gold accents. You can decide to go with a more understated concept featuring a wooden table and simple arrangements, and more.


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