Planning a wedding with 7 tips

Planning a wedding with 7 tips

Wedding events might be exciting to plan and organize, but they can also be overwhelming. There are many reasons why couples should get involved and shoulder some of the responsibilities. Maybe the money’s tight, or perhaps you have an affinity for the do-it-yourself possibilities. No matter the reason, it’s more than possible to make your special day one that no one will soon forget. It’s usually a good idea to look for an online party planner and hire professionals for the job,

With that said, where do you start? You’ll be happy to know that it’s easier than it sounds. In this guide, we’ll cover a few simple tips for planning your wedding successfully without losing your sanity in the process. Continue reading if you want to know more.

Planning a wedding

1. Set and stick with your budget

The budget you set for your wedding will drive many of your decisions throughout the planning stages, especially if you’re working with limited financial resources. For this reason, you must first determine how much you can willingly spend. If you’re taking care of the bill alone, take a good look at your current finances. Prepare yourself for it because not many people realise the entire scope of all expenses involved. More importantly, once you’ve decided on a number, be sure to stick to it.

2. List down your priorities

Take the time to talk with your partner and identify the most critical aspects of the wedding. Is the date of the celebration more important than the venue? Are you opting for a live band or wedding photographer? Asking yourself these questions will enable you to prioritise all the details so you know what you can compromise on. As a result, you’ll focus all your efforts on the things that count without having to spend a small fortune and breaking your budget in the process.

3. Stay organized

Being organized is the key to the successful planning and preparation of any event, and weddings are no exception. Having a checklist of your budget, numbers, goals, and other essentials you can access from a single place will help you keep track of everything associated with the event. And this, in turn, will keep you from any oversights and make everything much less stressful. So make use of all available online applications and tools at your disposal.

4. Do it as a couple

It takes two to get married, so you shouldn’t feel as if you’re all alone in the process of planning your wedding. Always do it as a couple; having your partner weigh in on things can be invaluable, even if they aren’t heavily involved in every single aspect. Not only will it make things easier on you, but the experience will be more enjoyable if you and your significant other go at it together.

5. Create a timeline

One of the challenges in planning for a wedding is time constraint. Therefore, you must start as early as possible and create a schedule for the work so that everyone involved in the process can fulfil their duties and obligations on time. Make sure you include everything, from looking for vendors, negotiating with suppliers, and everything else the event entails. Don’t forget to email or print out copies to those involved.

6. Avoid planning for a honeymoon at the same time as the wedding.

Simultaneously planning your honeymoon alongside the wedding itself can be a colossal undertaking. Beyond the difficulties it presents, it can also be time-consuming and expensive. This is especially true if only you and your partner are doing everything by yourselves. So don’t be afraid to space out your wedding and your honeymoon. Postpone the latter’s planning if you can. Doing so won’t just allow you to fully appreciate the process, but you’ll also avoid being too physically and mentally drained from all the planning to enjoy the experience.

7. Ask for help

Apart from hiring professionals, it’s recommended that you ask for help from family and friends who have gone through the process. They’ll be able to offer insight that will help you avoid mistakes and allow you to maintain a consistently high level of productivity in the process. They may also offer advice that can elevate the wedding experience and make it a memorable celebration.



There’s no denying that weddings can be incredibly difficult to plan. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case. By following the above tips, you’ll make the process a lot less stressful and challenging. Don’t forget to call in professionals as they will be able to help you best. Beyond alleviating some of the work involved, you’ll also get better results.


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