How to order wedding banquet chairs in China: 6 useful tips

How to order wedding banquet chairs in China: 6 useful tips

It is hardly imagined your weddings without banquet chairs. These chairs are an indispensable part of planning a wedding. There are lots of wedding banquet chairs in China, and have different qualities, depending on a variety of factors, including the countries where they are manufacture.

For example, China offers a variety of wedding banquet chairs. They have multiple different designs to choose from. Different shapes, powder-coated, and upholstery colors give your wedding a unique feeling while ensuring that your guests feel comfortable. However, when choosing banquet chairs, you should consider various factors.

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In this article, we will focus on several points need to pay attention to when selecting the best wedding banquet chairs made in China. These factors are as follows:

The Wedding Banquet Chairs Frame Thickness In China

This is an important factor you should pay attention to when choosing wedding banquet chairs made in China. It is usually an indicator of the strength and durability of banquet chairs, which determines the lifetime of banquet chairs. The standard thickness of banquet chairs is 2mm for aluminum and 1.2mm for iron.

The Upholstery Wedding Banquet Chairs In China

Most China wedding banquet chairs are designed with soft upholstered to ensure the best comfort of users. However, these fabrics are usually flammable, that you should consider choosing non-flammable fabrics to avoid being burned by small cake sparks and other wedding fireworks.

The Wedding Banquet chairs Cushion Thickness

Almost all ages peoples attend weddings. This means that you must choose the banquet chair with a seat height suitable for all shapes and sizes people. This is a key factor to consider because it will also affect the comfort of wedding guests. Therefore, the Banquet Chair with a height of 7 cm and a density of 50 ~ 55dns molded sponge is your best choice.

All welded aluminum frame Wedding Banquet Chairs

Before making a purchase order, you should consider the right materials used to make the banquet chair frame. The best China wedding banquet chair adopts an all-welded aluminum frame, which is rust-free and durable, also is a major advantage compared with steel banquet chairs. The aluminum banquet chairs need larger and thicker pipes to make them have greater bearing capacity. However, aluminum is lightweight and easy to handle.

Wide range of powder-coated colors

There is various China wedding banquet chair powder-coated colors to choose from. From the standard gold, white, black to champagne gold, dark brown, and more others. You can select the one to match your banquet hall or wedding hall decorations.

High stacking capacity Wedding Banquet Chairs In China

Usually, the wedding ceremony is held in the outdoor area. Therefore, these wedding chairs need to be moved in and out of the wedding place. you should consider the convenience of logistics when choosing China wedding banquet chairs. They should easily stack at least 12 pieces to save transportation costs and ensure ease of movement and storage.


The wedding chair is an essential part of a successful wedding. Specifically, The wedding banquet chairs in China have a variety of designs, shapes, quality, upholstery, and powder-coated colors to choose from. When choosing the best China wedding banquet chair, you should always consider important factors: material thickness, fabric material, stacking capacity, logistics convenience, etc.


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