Know about acrylic furniture

Know about acrylic furniture


Acrylic furniture is hot for Spring this year! With the look of glass and the durability of steel, acrylic furniture is a mixture of strength and beauty. However, it does require its own unique care regime to maintain. Here is a quick primer on what you need to do to make sure your acrylic furniture lasts a lifetime!

How do you clean acrylic furniture?

Avoid using chemicals on your acrylic furniture.  A soft, damp cloth is all your need to clean most acrylic surfaces.  Acetate and ammonia should never be used on acrylic to remove a mark as they can yellow the surface of the furniture and leave a haze.

Can I remove scratches from acrylic furniture?

Most furniture experts recommend seeking professional assistance when dealing with scratches but for small hairline imperfections, over-the-counter products may be used.  Be sure to follow the directions and use a soft cotton cloth as fabrics with polyester or rayon can actually leave more scratches.

Will acrylic melt?

Unless you plan on using your acrylic furniture as a barbecue accessory, then you should be fine!  Acrylic does not melt until it reaches 320 degrees which makes it a very durable material.  However, it is recommended that you still use a trivet or some type of protective covering when dealing with a hot item from the oven or stovetop.

Should I keep my acrylic furniture out of the sun?

Contrary to popular belief, sunlight will not negatively impact your acrylic furniture.  Acrylic furniture is derived from natural gas and is completely inert in its solid form and will not yellow in sunlight.

Is acrylic furniture safe for use in a child’s room?

Off-gassing is not an issue with acrylic furniture when the product is used as directed and in ambient temperatures.  OSHA has classified acrylic as a non-hazardous material under its regulations.


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