Host a fun wedding

Host a fun wedding

After an amazing 2021 and a year of non-stop weddings, I have been been thinking a lot about what makes a fun wedding? Now as much as giant jenga or conversation cards on the table may be google’s answer to this question, I have to say I think it goes much more beyond just giving your guests stuff to do. Yes kissing games can be fun, but I want go beyond kitchy here. Here are my top 7 fun wedding ideas.

Host a fun wedding

1. Comfort

No one wants a grumpy guest. Annoyed or uncomfortable guests are a sure way to bring down the vibes are your wedding. When table arrangement are too tight, when the bathroom is a 5 minute walk outside in the cold, or when the seats are super pretty but hard as a rock . . . well the chances of a fun wedding may be flying out the window. Thinking of your guests comfort level is imperative to setting the stage for a wicked evening of fancy fun.

2. Flow

When my clients tell me they want their ceremony and reception in the same space I literally want to jump of my chair and kiss them. It also tells me they have been to weddings where there is a huge gap between the ceremony and reception and understand how disruptive this can be. I do get how this is sometimes unavoidable, but when possible try to plan the timing from the ceremony to reception so there is no waiting around time for your guests. Now flow also comes down to the timing of the rest of the wedding. Here is a little secret . . . people don’t want to sit for 3 hours over dinner. It’s too long and your guests get bored. Keep the timing over your dinner tight and speeches down to a minimum. Or . . . and don’t have a heart attack at this suggestion  . . . but how about saving the speeches for the rehearsal dinner?

3. Music

I know a live band isn’t always possible because of budget, but I have to say, some of the best parties I have seen are because of live music. Live music adds a level of entertainment to a wedding that is undeniable. Now, that isn’t to say that a DJ can’t amp up the fun either. I have seen many DJ’s kill it and keep the dance floor full all night. But here is a major suggestion – do not have your dance music from an IPOD. Your IPOD can’t read a crowd, or switch up the song if it just isn’t working. So skip the pre-selected song list and hire a professional.

4. Dance Party

Here is a little tip from me to you. If you want your guests to stay on the dance floor, you too have to be kickin’ up your shoes and laying down the moves. Guests want to be where the happy couple is . . . so if you stay groovin’, your guests will follow and your dance party will be sure to rock.

5. Food

When it comes to food, there are two major items to cover. First – food can be fun! Mix it up for heaven’s sake. Think outside the stuffed chicken box. Some ways to make your wedding food fun is to come up with a custom menu with your caterer. The top caterers in Toronto are more than happy to customize a menu for you based on your favourite food. Also, interactive food stations are always a hit. Secondly – and this comes back to flow – having the food service snappy makes your guests happy. Coming from someone who has managed many a dinner service, I know this can be challenging because sometimes the staff and kitchen just aren’t jivin’, but you can do your part but keeping those speeches in check. Also, the newlyweds are always the first to be served, and if you aren’t in your seat, the food can come out. Just something to keep in mind to keep the food at your wedding on time.

6. The Bar

I know don’t about you, but I love a good cocktail. Having a full fledge bar of fun cocktails and delicious drinks is an amazing way to ensure your guests will be enjoying every moment. It may mean having to hire a few extra bartenders as cocktail take longer to make, but the investment will be worth it. Many caterers can source specialty ingredients and have fresh juice suppliers to really make your beverages extra tasty. Having a beautifully displayed whiskey/scotch bar can also infuse a whole lot of fun into the evening for those who have an extra refined palette.

While on the topic of bar, try to have your bar as close to the dance floor as possible, or even have cocktail passed during the dancing portion of the evening to ensure your guests stay boogying all night long.

7. Flower Vignette Photo Booth

Cheesy photo booths can often be an eye sore at a wedding and end up appearing a bit tacky. However, what about providing your guests an amazingly curated flower vignette photo opt that doesn’t take away from your wedding design but rather add to it? Hire a professional photographer  to be on hand to snap shots of your family and friends in an impeccably designed flower vignette backdrop with lush furnishing. Now that is a photo your guests will keep!


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