Finding Banquet Furniture in 6 Easy Steps

Finding Banquet Furniture in 6 Easy Steps

Finding Banquet Furniture

If you are planning an event or stocking a banquet hall with furniture, you’ll need to think about furniture that will best meet your needs. Finding the right banquet furniture isn’t difficult if you consider (and follow) the following six tips.

1. Consider your theme, décor and colors

Think about your event. Is there a particular color scheme you want to adhere to? Is there a particular look you want to have? Think about how you want the banquet furniture to suit the look you are trying to achieve.

2. Understand your table options

How many people do you want to seat at each table? Consider the various options in sizes. You can opt for tables with attached benches or chairs, but more popular (and attractive) is a table and chair option. For ease of storage, consider folding tables. Choose sturdy tables because banquet tables can get a lot of wear and tear. Finally, don’t forget to think about solid materials. Hot foods are placed on banquet tables, so consider choosing a tabletop material that can handle hot dishes.

3. Understand your chair options

Stackable chairs are the most versatile option for banquet chairs. Stackable chairs can be stacked for easy and compact storage or they can be put onto chair dollies and rolled right into storage.  Best of all, there are a multitude of stackable chair options these days, giving your banquet design a unique look and feel.

4. Going to be outside?

If you plan to have events outside, finding the right furniture is critical. Furniture that’s going to be used outside needs to be appropriate for the outdoors. The chosen chairs need to be easy to wipe down after a sudden downpour. Wood chairs, therefore, are a poor choice, but metal and plastic chairs are a good choice.  Chairs that stack and fold are also good choices because these can be moved indoors quickly and easily if need be. They are also easy to store. Look for chairs that are all metal or plastic, not those that have padded seats as these won’t “live” well outside.

5. Offer options

If you’re stocking a banquet hall, offer a variety of options so there is a furniture type to suit a variety of events. If you don’t have the storage or budget to offer a wide array of options, choose classic styles that will suit a variety of events or that can be easily changed (though linens, for example) to suit different events.

6. Be flexible

Depending on the types of events that will be held at the banquet hall, it’s possible that you need to think outside the box. Maybe metal folding chairs aren’t going to be ideal, but something like a wood ladder chair will be.  These chairs are classic and yet fit with a variety of decors. Being willing to look outside the obvious can pay off big dividends.

Banquet furniture is often seen as one-size-fits-all, but giving some careful thought to what you need will go a long way toward ensuring you make the right purchases for your needs.


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