Decorate wedding folding chairs

Decorate wedding folding chairs

Decorate wedding folding chairs-Wood and resin folding chairs are used in weddings, catering halls, and thousands of special events every day around the world. Occasionally you’ll see them in movies and TV shows. These chairs offer a very elegant design to their customers, and even though many people are content with the way these chairs look, some might prefer to add their own creative twist before lining them up for use. Wedding Furniture provides a very easy tutorial on how to create a chair sash that can be placed on the back of each chair. The end result will certainly impress your guests. The only material needed is a single piece of rosette fabric which can be purchased at your local “superstore” or even on Amazon.

Decorate wedding folding chairs Decorate wedding folding chairs

1.) Drape your fabric across the top of the chair. About halfway down the top part of the back of the chair, and then cross each end of the fabric like you’re going to tie a knot.

Decorate wedding folding chairs

2.) Tie a knot! We do it every day, we teach our kids how to do it. Make it tight!

Decorate wedding folding chairsDecorate wedding folding chairs

3.) Grabbing both ends of the fabric around the edge, gently push down until you see the top of the chair start to show.

Decorate wedding folding chairs

4.) Once in the proper position, begin to twist the loose ends of the fabric really tight together, leaving about 4 inches of the fabric loose while the rest is tightly wrapped.

Decorate wedding folding chairs

5.) Take the remaining loose fabric and tie another knot similar to the first one you did when starting. (Just to keep things tight and in place.)

6.) Continue twisting. Using one hand to twist the fabric, use your other hand to start forming the rosette. Tuck the remaining fabric behind the chair and adjust it to your liking.

Decorate wedding folding chairs

And you’re done! Simple, elegant, and now your folding chair has its own unique style to it.

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