Buying bar stools everything you need to know

Everything you need to know before buying bar stools

Buying bar stools-When furnishing or designing any hospitality venue, whether it be a bar, restaurant or café, bar stools are an essential piece of the puzzle. Their versatility means that they can be placed along a window looking out of a café or arranged around poseur tables in a pub or bar. 

The uses of bar stools are endless but they ultimately ensure that you can fit adequate seating into your space by filling difficult areas. As you’d expect, bar stools come in a range of different styles, materials, fabrics, sizes, and prices.

Buying bar stools

To help you on your hunt for the right bar stools, we’ve explained the main areas you should consider:

How tall should bar stools be?

To understand what height your bar stool should be, you first need to measure the height of the table or bar that the stools will be propped against.

As a general rule, if the counter is 40-42 inches in height, the bar stool should be 30 inches for the optimum comfort of the customer. If your table is slightly taller, around 45-48 inches high. The bar stool will need to be around 34 inches. For counters that are around 36 inches high, you will need a counter stool that is 24-26 inches.

Ensure that the seat is tall enough for the customer’s chest to be positioned above the table but not so high that their knees are touching the table’s underside.

How many bar stools do I need?

Much like the question of height, the number of stools that should be ordered is a common concern for restaurant and bar owners. An industry standard is that 21-25 inches should be allowed for each stool. That means if you have a counter that is 155 inches in length, you could fit seven bar stools. This should provide adequate space for customers without them feeling confined and constricted.

If you are purchasing bar stools with armrests or stools that swivel, add a couple of extra inches to either side.

Should bar stools be backless or with a back?

The main division between two stools of the same height is whether or not there is a backrest. If the only difference between the two is that one has a backrest and the other doesn’t, which do you go for? Each has its own benefits.

Backless bar stools tend to look more refined and are a better choice where space is at a premium. However, bar stools with backs tend to be considered a better option for comfort. Your decision should come down to what their purpose is. If the chair is going to be used for long periods of time, perhaps to have a meal on, then a backrest is probably wise. But if they will be sat on whilst a customer quickly sips down their coffee in a small coffee shop, backless would be preferable.

What are the most popular bar stools for sale?

At Wedding Furniture, we believe that bar stools should be practical, stylish, comfortable, and affordable. That’s why all of our bar stool selection fits these four criteria.


Top tips for buying your next bar stools

We have been supplying bar stools to pubs, bars, cafes, restaurants, and hotels for over 20 years. And our ever-expanding range of stools makes it easy to find the right style and price to suit your interior and budget. Choose from our wide range of quality contemporary and traditional bar stools in a variety of finishes and colors and buy with confidence from Wedding Furniture.

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