Decorate Wedding Arch

Decorate Wedding Arch

Want to take your wedding arch to the next level for your ceremony? Try adding some of these bells and whistles.

Your wedding arch (or arbor) will frame you and your partner as you say your “I dos”, so, naturally, you want it to look amazing. While some duos like the look of a sleek, streamlined wedding arch, others prefer a more creative approach to wedding ceremony decor. If you fall into the latter category, we’re here to help find the perfect trimmings for yours.

Decorate Wedding Arch

Here are a few ways to amp up your wedding arch.


Blooms are the most popular way to dress up a wedding arch, and for good reason, they look absolutely stunning and tie your ceremony’s decorative details – like your aisle markers, wedding bouquet and altar arrangements – together. While you don’t have to choose wedding arch flowers that perfectly match your bridal bouquet (that could get very pricey, very fast), try to aim for a similar style and colour scheme.


Ferns, eucalyptus and tropical greenery are all the rage in the world of weddings right now. These leafy additions will give your wedding arch a bit of life without stealing the spotlight away from you (they tend to be a touch less attention-grabbing than florals). Another perk? They look amazing in every type of wedding venue – from trendy downtown loft spaces to blossoming outdoor gardens – and can fit just about any wedding theme.


Fabric is a fan favourite thanks to its versatility. Going for effortless ethereal vibes? Swath a wooden wedding arch in gauzy white linens for a seriously dreamy look. In the market for something a bit bolder? Choose a brightly coloured fabric or a patterned textile and fashion a pair of curtains for your frame. Just one or two pieces can make a huge difference.


If you want your big day to scream “boho”, this is the wedding arch decoration for you. A macrame curtain is a simple but effective way to turn your wedding altar into the stuff that hippie dreams are made of. And, good news, you don’t have to learn a whole new art form to have one at your ceremony. Event rental companies, wedding florists and Etsy sellers are slinging them for pretty reasonable prices, so get to scrolling.


Shine the spotlight on you and your partner by illuminating the space where you’ll be exchanging rings. Stringing hanging lanterns, adding a chandelier or twirling some fairy lights around your wedding arch will really give it that extra somethin’ somethin’.


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