Buying Bar Stools: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Buying Bar Stools: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

When buying bar stools, there’s a lot to take into account. Whether you’re purchasing bar stools for your kitchen island, breakfast bar or for a high dining room table, ensuring you pick the right model is going to have a major impact on both functionality and comfort.

In this bar stool buyer’s guide, we’ll show you exactly how to find the perfect bar stools for you, as well as what some of the biggest mistakes are when buying bar chairs.

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Buying Bar Stools

Why finding the right stools for your bar or kitchen island is so important

The right set of bar chairs will help turn your kitchen into a functional dining space while also providing a comfortable place to relax and have breakfast or lunch. They’re not just suitable for breakfast bars either, as they can turn any kitchen counter into a dining area too.

Even though there are so many great uses for them, finding the right set that matches the space is vital to the look and feel of it. Not only that but there are many different types of bar stools, each

with its own set of features. Finding a set that’s comfortable and allows your bar or counter to seat enough people is just as important as the look!


Important first steps

Before we dive into the most important things to consider, there are a number of steps you should take before getting started.

Measure bar/counter height – Measure the height of the counter or bar you are looking to buy bar stools for. This will help you pick the right size.

Take in the space – Make note of the surrounding colours and the style of the room to ensure you get a set of bar stools that go well with their surroundings.

Think about their use – Do you have kids? How often will the stools be used? For what purpose? Understanding these things will help you select the right type of stool and the right material.



What to consider when making your purchase

Here at Wedding Furniture, we love talking about bar stools! We stock one of the largest ranges of bar stools in the USA, so we’re the right people to help you select the perfect bar stool.

Below is our list of some of the most important things to consider when purchasing your new bar stools. It covers everything from style and comfort to sizing, and everything in between.

If there’s anything you feel we’ve missed, please feel free to reach out to us and we’ll try to add it to this page as soon as possible.


The style of the stool is one of the first things you should consider. Do you want to overhaul the room’s current style or find something that matches it? Buying bar stools in a different style to the room can completely change the look of your kitchen.

There are many different styles to choose from, ranging from modern contemporary stools to scandi-style bar stools.



There’s no point in buying a new set of bar stools if they’re too uncomfortable to use. Keep in mind who will be using the bar stools the most and what their needs are. A sturdy backrest can really improve the comfort of a bar stool, as can armrests, so if you have the space and you’re planning on using the bar stools regularly then opt for a set of counter stools or bar stools with back and armrests.


Bar and counter stools come in a range of different materials, ranging from velvet and fabric to leather and acrylic. Different materials not only impact the look and feel of the stool or chair but also its durability and how easy it is to clean.

Faux leather bar stools and acrylic stools are very easy to maintain and keep clean, and they’re also some of the most durable materials. Wood bar stools are also easy to clean, although their durability depends on the type of wood and how it’s treated. That being said, if you’re after a luxurious look and feel, velvet bar stools or real leather may be a better option.


Space & how many you need

The space you have available and the number of stools or high chairs you want to get is another important consideration. If you only have limited space, smaller stools may be a better option if you want to fit one or two extra in the space. If you have more room, larger stools with backrests and armrests will help to fill up the space and provide more comfort.


The colour you choose has a major impact on the look and feel of the room. Grey bar stools are very popular at the moment as they go with most colour schemes. The same can be said for white bar stools.

However, if you want something a little brighter, green stools or orange bar stools may be a good way of creating some extra contrast.



There are three different kinds of bar stools, namely counter stools, bar stools and spectator stools (also called high bar stools, tall stools, or stadium stools). Counter stools are the smallest of the three and are made for regular kitchen counters. Regular bar stools are slightly larger, and spectator stools are the largest of the two.

You want to leave around 12 inches between the seat and the counter/bar to ensure there’s enough leg room. Our bar stool size and spacing guide can help you find the perfect height and size for you.

Tip: Adjustable bar stools allow you to use the bar stool at different heights, allowing people to pick a height they feel is most comfortable. This also comes with the extra advantage that the stools can be used on different counters, which is especially useful when buying a new counter/bar, or moving house.

Extra features

From swivel seats to footrests, there are plenty of extra features available on bar stools. These can be very useful in some cases, for example, a swivel seat that allows you to face multiple directions. That being said, they aren’t a must-have for everyone, so it’s important to consider the different options before making a decision.

Bar stool buying mistakes to avoid

We know first-hand the excitement that comes with buying new furniture. However, this excitement can make it even more difficult to make the right choice. Now that you know what some of the most important things are to consider, we thought it would be worth covering some of the most important bar stool buying mistakes to avoid.


Don’t just go for the cheapest option

This goes without saying, but you only buy bar stools every few years. If you buy a high-quality set of bar stools, they may last you for ten years, perhaps even longer.

Price is important and you certainly shouldn’t break the bank to find a good set of bar stools. However, it may be worth paying a little bit extra for improved durability and functionality.


Don’t forget about kids and/or pets

Kids or pets can make certain styles of bar stool more or less suitable. For example, if you have dogs or cats in the home, velvet or fabric bar stools are going to be more difficult to keep clean than acrylic or faux leather.

If you have children, then adjusting the height may be important, as well as ensuring they’re made of durable material.


Don’t forget to compare different models

It’s always a good idea to compare a number of your favourite models side-by-side before making your final decision. Even if you’re sure that you’ve found the perfect stool for your kitchen, it can still be worth finding a few others you’re fond of and comparing them before making your final decision.

Don’t forget about functionality

It’s common for functionality to take a back seat in favour of looks and style. This often results in great-looking stools that don’t really serve their purpose, either because you don’t like sitting on them or they are so difficult to maintain that you’re almost scared of using them.

Functionality includes things like how easy the chair or stool is to clean, how durable it is and how comfortable the stool is.


Buying bar stools isn’t something that should be taken lightly. Buy the right set, and you’ll be able to enjoy your bar stools for a long time to come. Buy the wrong ones and you end up spending a lot of money with very little to show for it.

You should now know exactly what to keep in mind when choosing bar stools, as well as what some of the most important bar stool buying mistakes are to avoid.

If you have any questions after reading this post, please feel free to reach out to us. Our customer service team are always happy to help!


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