Where to Buy Wholesale Bar Furniture?

Where to Buy Wholesale Bar Furniture

When it comes to setting up a bar, whether it’s for a new restaurant, a renovation project, or a personal home bar, finding the right furniture at the right price is crucial. Wholesale options provide a cost-effective way to furnish your space with stylish, durable pieces without breaking the bank. One excellent source for such furniture is Wedding Furniture, a reputable online retailer offering a wide range of bar furniture to suit various tastes and budgets. Below, we’ll explore some key options and their prices to help you make an informed decision.

Where to Buy Wholesale Bar Furniture

Bar Stools

Bar stools are an essential part of any bar setup. They not only provide seating but also contribute significantly to the overall aesthetic. Wedding Furniture offers a variety of styles, from modern to classic, ensuring you’ll find the perfect match for your bar’s theme.

  1. Modern Metal Bar Stool
    • Price: $85 each
    • Features: Sleek design, sturdy metal construction, comfortable seat padding.
  2. Bar Stool with Acrylic Backrest
    • Price: $95 each
    • Features: Classic sleek finish, ergonomic backrest, durable build.
  3. Adjustable Swivel Bar Stool
    • Price: $105 each
    • Features: Adjustable height, 360-degree swivel, contemporary style.

Bar Tables

Bar tables are another crucial element, providing a place for guests to gather, eat, and drink. The right bar table can enhance the atmosphere and functionality of your space.

  1. Round High Bar Table
    • Price: $120 each
    • Features: High-quality finish, sturdy base, perfect for small spaces.
  2. Square Wooden Bar Table
    • Price: $150 each
    • Features: Solid wood construction, spacious tabletop, ideal for group seating.
  3. Industrial Style Bar Table
    • Price: $180 each
    • Features: Robust metal frame, rustic wooden top, trendy industrial look.

Bar Counters

The bar counter is the centerpiece of any bar. It’s where the action happens, from mixing drinks to socializing. Investing in a good bar counter can set the tone for the entire establishment.

  1. Classic Wooden Bar Counter
    • Price: $800
    • Features: Rich wooden finish, ample storage space, timeless design.
  2. Modern Stainless Steel Bar Counter
    • Price: $950
    • Features: Sleek stainless steel, easy to clean, contemporary appearance.
  3. Vintage Style Bar Counter
    • Price: $1,200
    • Features: Antique look, detailed craftsmanship, spacious working area.

Additional Accessories

To complete your bar setup, consider adding some accessories that enhance both functionality and ambiance.

  1. LED Bar Shelves
    • Price: $80 each
    • Features: Color-changing LEDs, multiple tiers, enhances bottle display.
  2. Wine Rack
    • Price: $60 each
    • Features: Holds up to 12 bottles, elegant design, space-saving.
  3. Bar Cart
    • Price: $150 each
    • Features: Mobile, multiple storage levels, stylish and practical.


Setting up a bar with the right furniture can transform any space into a welcoming and stylish environment. Wedding Furniture provides a vast selection of high-quality, affordable options that cater to various styles and needs. Whether you’re looking for modern bar stools, classic bar counters, or stylish accessories, you’ll find what you need at competitive wholesale prices. Visit the Wedding Furniture today to browse their full catalog and start furnishing your bar with the best pieces available.

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