What Wedding Decor Do I Need?

What wedding decor do I need?

Essential Wedding Decor Checklist

Planning your wedding can be as exciting as it is overwhelming, especially when it comes to deciding on the decor. The right decor sets the tone for your celebration and transforms a venue into a magical space. To help simplify your planning, we’ve compiled a detailed checklist of essential wedding decor items, complete with budget-friendly tips and average cost estimates. Whether your style is elegant, rustic, or anything in between, this guide ensures you won’t miss a thing.

Wedding Decoration

Decorating for a wedding is more than just an aesthetic choice—it’s about creating an atmosphere that celebrates the couple’s love and shares it with their guests. From the moment they arrive to the last dance, every detail contributes to the magic of the day.

What Wedding Decor Do I Need?

Ceremony Decor

Arch or Altar:

This is the centerpiece of your ceremony. Prices typically range from $250 to $1500 depending on materials and complexity.

Aisle Runners and Decor:

Whether it’s floral arrangements or candle holders, aisle decorations should coordinate with the theme. Expect to spend $60 to $500.

Reception Decor

Table Centerpieces:

These can vary widely, from $20 each for simple designs to $200+ for elaborate arrangements.

Chair Covers and Sashes:

Buying these can cost between $30 to $80 per chair, dramatically transforming reception seating.

Dance Floor:

Rental costs depend on size but generally range from $300 to $1,500.

Table Settings

Each table setting should include the following:


Tablecloths and napkins should match or complement your color scheme. Costs are typically $10 to $30 per table.

Place Cards and Menus:

These small details help personalize the experience for guests and cost about $1 to $5 per person.


Lighting can make or break the ambiance:

String Lights:

Ideal for evening receptions, costing around $100 to $300 for sufficient coverage.


Adds drama to your venue, with rentals ranging from $500 to $2,000 depending on venue size.

Floral Arrangements

Flowers are a staple in wedding decor:

Bouquets and Boutonnieres:

Essential for the wedding party, prices range from $150 to $350.

Table and Venue Flowers:

Depending on your choice of flowers, these can cost from $300 to several thousand dollars.


Effective signage helps guide your guests:

Welcome Signs:

A beautiful entry statement can cost between $50 to $200.

Directional Signs:

Helpful for large venues, these typically cost $20 to $50 each.

Photo Booth

A fun addition for guests:

Rental Costs:

Standard photo booth rentals range from $400 to $1,000.

Personalized Decor

Personal touches that make your wedding uniquely yours:

Custom Elements:

From monograms to custom illustrations, these can start at $100 and go up depending on complexity.

Outdoor Elements

For outdoor weddings, consider:


Necessary for weather protection, costing $400 to $2,000.

Outdoor Lighting:

Ensures the evening continues smoothly, costing


Your wedding decor plays a crucial role in setting the atmosphere for one of the most memorable days of your life. By carefully selecting each element, from the ceremony to the reception, you can create a cohesive and enchanting environment that reflects your personal style and love story. Remember to balance your desires with your budget, and consider where splurging a little might make a significant impact. Ultimately, the goal is to craft a setting that feels uniquely yours and leaves you and your guests with lasting, joyful memories.

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