What Color is the 60th Wedding Anniversary?

What Color is the 60th Wedding Anniversary?

Reaching the 60th wedding anniversary is an incredible milestone, a testament to enduring love, commitment, and shared memories. Traditionally known as the Diamond Anniversary, this special occasion is celebrated with a theme centered around the color white, symbolizing the purity and enduring nature of a lifelong union. However, in modern times, silver and gold are also popular colors for decorations and gifts, representing elegance and timelessness.

What Color is the 60th Wedding Anniversary

Celebrating the Diamond Anniversary

The 60th wedding anniversary is often marked by a grand celebration, bringing together family and friends to honor the couple’s remarkable journey. Whether you’re planning a lavish party or an intimate gathering, choosing the right colors for your decorations can add a meaningful touch to the event.

Key Colors for the 60th Anniversary
  1. White: Representing purity, innocence, and everlasting love, white is the traditional color for the Diamond Anniversary. It’s perfect for a classic and elegant celebration.
  2. Silver: Symbolizing harmony, sophistication, and a lifetime of shared experiences, silver complements the diamond theme beautifully.
  3. Gold: While typically associated with the 50th anniversary, gold can add a touch of luxury and warmth to the occasion, celebrating the richness of a life lived together.

Furniture and Decoration Ideas

Choosing the right furniture and decorations is crucial for setting the tone of your anniversary celebration. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  1. White Leather Sofa: A sleek and modern white leather sofa can serve as a stunning focal point for your living room. Price: Starting at $300.
  2. Silver Accent Chairs: Elegant silver accent chairs can provide additional seating while complementing the anniversary theme. Price: $250 each.
  3. Gold-Trimmed Coffee Table: A gold-trimmed coffee table adds a touch of luxury and pairs well with both white and silver elements. Price: $300.
  1. White Floral Arrangements: Fill your space with beautiful white flowers, such as roses, lilies, and orchids, to create a fresh and elegant atmosphere. Price: $100 per arrangement.
  2. Silver Candle Holders: Add a touch of romance with silver candle holders and white candles. Price: $50 each.
  3. Gold Picture Frames: Display cherished photos of the couple’s journey in gold picture frames. Price: $30 each.
  4. Diamond-Inspired Centerpieces: Create stunning centerpieces using crystal vases and faux diamonds for a dazzling effect. Price: $75 each.


Celebrating a 60th wedding anniversary is a rare and beautiful occasion. By incorporating the traditional colors of white, silver, and gold into your decorations and furniture, you can create a memorable and meaningful celebration. Whether you opt for classic elegance or modern sophistication, these colors will help you honor the enduring love and commitment of the couple.

Here’s to many more years of love and happiness!

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