Wedding pillar-what are they made of?

Wedding pillar

What are they made of?

Wedding pillar

Wedding pillars are used to decorate the altar and aisle and divide up large spaces of the venue. They also provide a space for complementary decorations adding depth and dimension to the decor. When it comes to wedding pillars, there are a lot of choices to make. What material should they be made of? How tall should they be? Should they have any embellishments? Making the right decision for your wedding columns is important, as they augment the aesthetics and impart an imperial touch to the decor. So, let’s discuss what are wedding pillars made of? They are available in a variety of materials like metal, PVC, wood, and acrylic and you can select them according to your theme and design. Keep reading! Ahead we’ve answered some queries related to decorative pillars for weddings and we’ll also give some wedding column decoration ideas to make them look outstanding.

How Do You Make A Flower Pillar?

Wedding pillars are beautiful and versatile decor accents for any marriage ceremony, and they can be decorated in several ways to complement any theme or style. One of the easiest ways to embellish a wedding column is to arrange flowers and garlands to exude an exquisite floral allure. For this purpose, you can use columns available on Wedding Furniture or DIY wedding pillars using wire, Styrofoam, or cardboard. If you want to craft wedding columns for flowers, you will need some wire, floral tape, scissors, and faux flowers. The first step is to create a frame for the pillar using the wire. You can make this as simple or as complex as you like. Once you have the frame, start wrapping it in floral tape. This will help to secure the flowers and give the pillar a more finished look. After the entire frame is wrapped in tape, start attaching the flowers at the bottom and work your way up, securing each flower with more floral tape. When you reach the top of the pillar, cut off any excess wire and tape. Your gorgeous flower pillar is now complete!

How Do You Add Height To A Centerpiece?

A wedding is a special event that deserves a beautiful and elegant setting. One way to create a spectacular ambiance is to add height to your table centerpieces. For this purpose, you can use tall wedding columns to beautifully exhibit your floral arrangements, candelabras, and other decorations. By raising your centerpiece above eye level, you will add a sense of drama and sophistication to your wedding decor. One of the simple yet stunning ideas to elevate the centerpiece is to arrange gorgeous blooms on top of a gold flower stand and scatter flower petals along with clear glass votive candles at the base oozing oodles of panache and flair into your tabletop decor.

Wedding Pillar Decor Ideas

Wedding pillars are a gorgeous and elegant way to decorate your venue. They can be used to create a stunning backdrop for your wedding ceremony or decorate the entrance to the venue or line the aisle to add a touch of magnificence and grandeur to the decor. Moreover, a wedding column stand can also be used to create a sense of separation between different areas of your reception space. For instance, you could use decorative wedding columns to delineate the dance floor from the dining area. They can be decorated with flowers, garlands, vines, candles, candelabras, crystal beads, ribbons, or fairy string lights and placed at various points around the venue to impart a majestic allure.

Whether you’re looking for a simple way to add elegance to your wedding decorations, or you want to create an unforgettable backdrop, columns are a great option to take your decor up by several notches. So, how you’re going to incorporate these wedding pillars into your decor? Do let us know in the comments box below!


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