The Chiavari vs. Camelot Chair

The Chiavari vs. Camelot Chair What’s In a Name? The Chiavari vs. Camelot Wedding Chair To the untrained eye, the Chiavari and the Camelot chair look almost identical; And whilst the Camelot chair is similar in its overall design, its features do hold some well-thought-out differences that are important to consider. The Birth of the Chiavari Chair The origins of this chair can be traced back to the turn of the 19th Century, to a small town on the west cost of Italy. Not-so-coincidentally, this town was called Chiavari . Since then, the name ‘Chiavari’ has become a blanket term

Chiavari Chairs for Weddings

Chiavari Chairs for Weddings Chiavari Chairs for Weddings-Linens, Things, and More…not only provides custom weddings and events furniture, but our design team goes above and beyond to personally make sure your special event reflects your vision and style! As a design company, we cannot overemphasize the importance of chairs in your overall décor style. This week, we want to share the classic Chiavari design and the many ways you can use this beautiful chair to dress up for your next special event in Wedding Furniture! The Chiavari chair lends an elegant look to any wedding ceremony or reception. This versatile

Tiffany Chairs

Tiffany Chairs Tiffany Chairs-With a sleek design, Tiffany Chairs remain one of the most popular chairs for all kinds of formal events like weddings, public gatherings, and other festive occasions. These popular chairs found their origin back in 1807 when Italian designer Giuseppe Gaetano made them for some official event at that time. Previously these chairs were known as Chiavari Chairs because of the design’s origin and because the designer was from Chiavari. Later Latin America and Mexico coined a new term hence now these chairs are popularly known as Tiffany Chairs. What are Tiffany Chairs? The Tiffany Chairs were recognized for

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