Tables for Wedding Reception-Choose the Right Shape and Size

Tables for Wedding Reception–How to Choose the Right Shape and Size

Should you go with the serpentine look?

Tables for Wedding Reception

Deciding which tables to order for your wedding is a critical step in creating the look and feel you want for your reception. Do you envision guests gathered at small round tables of six or eight guests for intimate conversation, or do you prefer long tables that seem endless in a room? Thankfully, the choice is yours to make. Here are some questions you’ll want to answer in an effort to help you decide which tables will be best for your wedding.


What’s your wedding vision?

Wedding planners and designers recommend taking the number of guests, the venue size, and the ambiance you want to create into consideration when selecting your reception tables. Your vision will play a large role in determining which tables are best for the environment you’re aiming to create.


How many guests are you expecting?

In order to determine how many tables you’ll need for your wedding. You’ll first need to know your estimated guest count so you can divvy up the number of guests per table. Once you have an idea of the total tally, you can start taking a look at what tables will actually fit in the space and work with your guest count.


What can your venue accommodate?

Every venue has its limitations. And you may need to first rule out a few options before landing on the right layout for your wedding. The furniture company you’re working with will be able to recommend the best side tables for your guest count. Provided that they’ve done a walk-through and have appropriate measurements. They may also be able to draw a floor plan comparing your top two options and how they’d fit into the space.


What table shape are you into?

You might find that you have a table shape preference based on the inspiration photos you’ve looked at so far. We try to stay away from round tables, as long rectangular tables give a cleaner look. We also see that some couples find it easier to design their seating assignments when using long tables in comparison to circular ones.


Are there any alternate options you haven’t considered?

If your wedding reception space is large, oddly shaped, or a bit bland, you might consider alternating table shapes and sizes. Another way to make a huge space feel smaller is by using one huge serpentine-shaped table, which creates a visual focal point that’s unexpected.


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