Stainless Steel Chair Building Process

Stainless Steel Chair Building Process

Stainless Steel Chair Building Process

Stainless Steel Manufacturing Process


Material specification

In accordance with each customer’s requirement, the initial process starts by selecting the preferred material. Sized to the specific thickness or special requirements accordingly. Ensuring reliability and maintaining quality to sustain a rust-proof surface of each part. Machine tested to withstand the dry, wet environment and cold and hot climate temperature.

Material cutting

Precision cutting process done by machine according to the specified size, thickness and form sequenced to the number of pieces/parts to link with. Properly outlined dimensions with angle, circumference and bending corresponding to the parameters given to align exactly and conveniently allow the smooth bonding and welding of parts. Intuitively calculate an   effective cutting and perforation detail guideline to maximize usage of material without waste and minimize damage.

Welded frame

The prototype of the entire stainless steel chair frame needs to be welded in a specific machine tool. Robotic welding machines with robotic hands that is properly set and calibrated correctly will perform and complete the welding job needed. In which, most factory are already using for welding and soldering of material parts, links and joints that requires a full welding process to stabilize the parts and making it strong and firm.

Stainless Steel Tables and Chairs Manufacturers

Metal Polishing

Polishing is an important part of the process, whether the appearance is smooth or not. It has a great impact on the quality of electroplating.

A good quality stainless steel chair must be carefully polished 2-3 times before it enters the electroplating process.


The main purpose of pickling is to thoroughly wash-off the powder and iron filings with weak adhesion, which facilitates the strong adhesion for the later process of electroplating.


The electroplating link is a particularly important link to the process that affects the quality and appearance of the product. It is a sensitive technical activity that will exemplify the quality, color and shade that enhances a uniform color effect to its excellent look. The process applies to both process of powder and liquid electroplating spray.

Chair Packaging

Finished chair products will be individually wrapped and protected by soft foam. In many cases, 4 or 6 can be stacked in a carton/box. Chair cushion and upholstery including other related parts will be included in the box with individual protection wrap.

The material of the upholstery is generally leather or fabric. The matching of the back and the seat cushion depends entirely on the customer’s requirements. Currently, there are more Liu Xiang styles on the market, and many seat bags and backpacks can be removed for easy replacement with different colors.

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