Practical Furniture Choices for Large Wedding Receptions

Practical Furniture Choices for Large Wedding Receptions

Planning a large wedding reception involves many moving parts, from the guest list to the décor. One crucial element that often requires careful consideration is the furniture. The right furniture not only enhances the venue’s aesthetic but also ensures guests are comfortable throughout the event. Here are some practical furniture choices for large wedding receptions, complete with pricing details.

Practical Furniture Choices

1. Banquet Tables

Banquet tables are a staple for any large wedding reception. They provide ample space for dining, decorations, and socializing.

  • Rectangular Banquet Tables (8 feet) – $350 each
  • Round Banquet Tables (60 inches) – $285 each

2. Chairs

Comfortable seating is essential for guests who will spend several hours at the reception. There are various options depending on the wedding’s style and budget.

  • Chiavari Chairs – $45 each
  • Folding Chairs – $30 each
  • Ghost Chairs – $100 each

3. Lounge Furniture

Creating lounge areas can offer guests a place to relax and mingle away from the dining area. This can include sofas, loveseats, and coffee tables.

  • Sofa Sets (2 sofas + 2 armchairs) – $1,200 per set
  • Coffee Tables – $150 each
  • Ottomans – $90 each

4. Cocktail Tables

Cocktail tables are perfect for a standing reception or a cocktail hour before the main event. They encourage mingling and are ideal for holding drinks and small plates.

  • High Cocktail Tables – $175 each
  • Low Cocktail Tables – $165 each

5. Bars and Bar Stools

A well-designed bar area can be a highlight of the reception. Bars and bar stools provide a stylish and functional space for serving drinks.

  • Portable Bars – $500 each
  • Bar Stools – $75 each

6. Dance Floor

A dance floor is a must-have for any wedding reception. It provides a designated space for dancing and can be customized to fit the venue.

  • Wooden Dance Floor (20×20 feet) – $1,000
  • LED Dance Floor (20×20 feet) – $2,500

7. Decorative Elements

Adding decorative furniture pieces can enhance the overall aesthetic of the reception. This includes items like arches, gazebos, and accent tables.

  • Wedding Arches – $500 each
  • Gazebos – $800 each
  • Accent Tables – $180 each

8. Buffet and Serving Tables

For receptions with buffet-style dining, buffet and serving tables are essential. These tables should be sturdy and spacious enough to hold large quantities of food.

  • Buffet Tables (6 feet) – $250 each
  • Serving Tables (8 feet) – $180 each


Choosing the right furniture for a large wedding reception can significantly impact the event’s success. By considering the style, comfort, and functionality of each piece, you can create a beautiful and comfortable environment for your guests. The prices listed above provide a general idea of the costs involved, helping you plan and budget effectively for your big day.

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