May 2024 Wedding Colors

May 2024 wedding colors

Trending May 2024 Wedding Colors and How to Style with Furniture

As you plan your May 2024 wedding, choosing a color palette that reflects the vibrancy of spring while setting a tone of elegance and celebration is crucial. This year, we’re seeing some refreshing trends in wedding colors that can beautifully be incorporated through decor and furniture. This guide will help you understand the trending colors for May 2024 and provide practical advice on selecting furniture that enhances these themes.

Top Trending Wedding Colors for May 2024

1. Soft Coral

Soft coral is a warm, inviting color that blends well with the spring season, offering a mix of romance and sophistication.

2. Mint Green

Mint green is making a comeback, providing a fresh and airy feel that’s perfect for spring weddings.

3. Lavender

Lavender remains a favorite with its soothing and delicate presence, evoking a sense of peaceful romance.

4. Sunshine Yellow

Bright and cheerful, sunshine yellow brings a burst of joy and energy to any wedding setting.

5. Classic Blue

This deep, reassuring shade of blue adds a touch of classic elegance and stability to your wedding palette.

Furniture Styling Tips and Pricing

Seating Options

May 2024 Wedding Colors

Velvet Lounge Chairs in Soft Coral

Ideal for creating inviting seating areas or sweetheart table settings.
Cost: Approximately $100 – $550 per chair.

Mint Green Accent Benches

Perfect for outdoor ceremonies or as accent pieces in a reception lounge.
Cost: Around $150 – $300 per bench.

Rustic Wooden Tables

Complement the softness of lavender and mint green with natural wood tones.
Cost: $150 – $350 per table.

Modern Mirror Glass Tables

Serve as a brilliant backdrop for vibrant sunshine yellow centerpieces and blue decorations.
Cost: $250 – $900 per table.

Decor and Accessories
Linen Tablecloths and Runners

Match or contrast with your primary wedding colors to enhance the overall decor.
Cost: $25 – $50 per piece.

Colored Glassware and Dishware

Incorporate your wedding colors into table settings for added charm.
Cost: $5 – $100 per item.

How to Incorporate These Colors with Wedding Furniture

Use Neutral Bases:

Start with neutral-colored furniture and add color through accessories like cushions, throws, or table decor.

Feature Colorful Pieces:

Choose a few standout pieces in trending colors to serve as focal points.

Mix and Match:

Combine different textures and shades from your color palette to create a layered and cohesive look.


The colors chosen for your May 2024 wedding can dramatically influence the mood and aesthetics of the event. By carefully selecting furniture and decor that complement and enhance these colors, you can create a memorable and stylish environment that reflects your personal taste and the joy of the season. Remember to balance your budget by considering both rental and purchase options for furniture, and always ensure that the quality matches the sophistication of your event.

Plan early to secure the best pieces in your desired colors and styles, and don’t hesitate to consult with wedding planners or interior designers to perfectly match your vision for the big day.

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