How to Mix and Match Wedding Furniture Styles?

How to Mix and Match Wedding Furniture Styles?

Planning a wedding involves numerous decisions, and one of the most impactful is the choice of furniture. The right pieces can transform a venue into a magical setting, perfectly reflecting the couple’s style and personality. Mixing and matching different wedding furniture styles can create a unique and memorable ambiance. Here’s how you can do it:

How to Mix and Match Wedding Furniture Styles

1. Choose a Theme

Start by selecting a theme that speaks to your personal taste and the overall vibe you want for your wedding. Whether it’s rustic, vintage, modern, or bohemian, having a clear theme will guide your furniture choices and help create a cohesive look.

2. Anchor with Key Pieces

Identify key pieces that will serve as the anchors of your decor. This could be a statement table, a luxurious sofa, or elegant chairs. These items should reflect your theme and set the tone for the rest of the furniture.

  • Modern Metal Dining Table: Starting at $250
  • Vintage Velvet Sofa: Starting at $200
  • Modern Acrylic Chairs (Set of 4): Starting at $250

3. Mix Materials and Textures

Combining different materials and textures adds depth and interest to your setup. Pair wooden tables with metal chairs, or mix plush upholstered seating with sleek, modern tables. The contrast will enhance the visual appeal and create a layered look.

  • Industrial Metal Bar Stools: Starting at $80 each
  • Bohemian Rattan Chairs: Starting at $150 each
  • Glass and Iron Cocktail Table: Starting at $250

4. Play with Colors

While sticking to a cohesive color palette is essential, don’t be afraid to incorporate pops of color through your furniture. This can be achieved with cushions, throws, or accent pieces. Choose colors that complement your theme and the venue’s natural surroundings.

  • Navy Blue Velvet Armchair: Starting at $130
  • Gold Accent Side Tables: Starting at $250 each
  • Colorful Moroccan Poufs: Starting at $100 each

5. Consider Comfort and Functionality

While aesthetics are important, comfort and functionality should not be overlooked. Ensure that your seating options are comfortable for guests, and that the furniture layout allows for easy movement and conversation.

  • Comfortable Outdoor Daybeds: $1,800 each
  • Elegant Lounge Sets: $2,200
  • Portable Folding Tables: $150 each

6. Add Personal Touches

Incorporate personal touches to make the furniture arrangement feel uniquely yours. This could include family heirlooms, custom-made pieces, or DIY projects. Personal touches make the setting more intimate and meaningful.

  • Custom Engraved Wooden Benches: $500 each
  • DIY Vintage Suitcase Table: $300
  • Personalized Signage and Decor: $200

7. Balance and Harmony

Achieving a balanced look is key when mixing and matching furniture styles. Ensure that no single piece overwhelms the others. The goal is to create harmony where all elements work together to enhance the overall aesthetic.

  • Balanced Seating Arrangement (Various Styles): $3,000
  • Symmetrical Table Layouts: $1,200
  • Harmonious Decor Accents: $800


Mixing and matching wedding furniture styles is an excellent way to create a unique and personalized wedding environment. By thoughtfully combining different elements, you can achieve a stunning and cohesive look that will impress your guests and create lasting memories.

Remember, the key is to stay true to your theme, play with materials and colors, and ensure comfort and functionality. Happy planning!

If you need any assistance with selecting the perfect pieces or have any questions about our products, feel free to contact us. We’re here to help make your wedding day as special and beautiful as possible.

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