Glass Dining Table

Glass Dining Table

Glass Dining Table Make Your Dining Room Shine

When shopping for a new dining table, you may be bored by the plethora of similar wood style options. To bring something beautiful and unique to the dining room, consider a glass-top dining table for your dining needs. They’re a fancy alternative to the norm that elevates your space to a higher class without breaking the bank to do it.

Glass Dining Table

An Unconventional Choice

Glass dining tables are a unique addition to the dining room. Traditional dining tables are typically made of wood or metal and can feel a little the same. Since almost everyone has one, it takes a really unique or striking design to make a wood dining table stand out. On the other hand, glass tables are less common and thus stand out by their very nature. They are also more modern and elegant, with a translucent top and sharper design features than your everyday dining table.

Forget Table Legs – Look For A Decorative Base

The base of the table allows for stylistic expression. When not dealing with traditional table legs, you can be a lot more creative in how the glass is held up. And be able to see and admire it from above. If you miss having a wood element on your table, this is the place where you can rectify that. You can also match your base to the dining chairs’ composition, whether through similar material, curvature, or detailing. Or you can also go wild and make the dining base a statement piece of art through the use of artistically-styled designs that go beyond the simply practical.

A Glass Dining Table For Any Space

Despite a significant change in appearance, a glass dining table is equally as functional as any other table. You can get them in a range of sizes to fit your space and the number of people you need to seat, from a small two-person bistro-style table to a party-sized one. If needed, you can even get a dining table with an extendable surface to occasionally host a larger group then go back to a more manageable size later. Most of these types of glass tables involve a leaf you manually put in and take out. But there are motorized versions that can alter the table size by remote.

Glass Table Tops Make Your Space Feel Bigger

If you have a small dining room or a small open dining space, this is a good choice to consider. A glass dining table top can make your room appear bigger and less cluttered. Being able to see through the glass shrinks the visual footprint of the table since you’re able to look past it to the rest of the room. Instead of blocking light like most solid objects, it reflects light and allows it through to brighten the room and further enhance that spacious look and feel.

Glass Dining Tables Are Easy To Clean (But Hard To Keep Clean)

A glass-top dining table is easier to clean than its counterparts. Unlike wood, glass is non-porous and won’t absorb condensation from your glass and warp the color or shape of the surface underneath, negating the need for coasters. Simply grab your favorite spray cleaner and a paper towel and wipe without worrying about ruining the finish. The downside is that it’s harder to keep clean. You’ll notice a lot quicker when there are crumbs, spills, fingerprints, and other debris than with other dining tables due to its clear, polished surface.

While there’s nothing wrong with a traditional dining table, a glass one sends a different message to you and your guests about the status of your dining room. A glass dining table isn’t just functional, it’s decorative too, and makes eating a meal together with a form of art.

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