Different Events Seatings Use In The Venue

Different Events Seatings Use In The Venue

Event seating are perfect furniture option for the event venue. We can easily arrange the events with banquet furniture. Such as Birthday, Ballroom Party, Bachelorette Party, Wedding Ceremony, Anniversary, Graduation Ceremony, Baby Shower, Farewells or Welcome Ceremony, Corporate Event, Seminar, Lectures, Conference and Training.

Different venue layouts are suitable for different conference types.

How to choose the banquet furniture layout of the venue depends on the functional requirements of the conference. Let’s take a look at the six common banquet furniture layouts and features.

1. Theatre Style Seating – Common for Conference

This seating arrangement is common in the planning of public activities. Place the rows of church banquet chairs facing the stage or platform, leaving a wide aisle in the middle.
Advantages: This arrangement allows for the largest number of people to sit in a limited venue. You can use most of the space in the conference room to accommodate more people. However, since there is no desk, it is impossible to write a record while the meeting is in progress. This arrangement of event furniture is common in press conferences, forums, debates, and launching ceremonies.

2. Classroom or Training Style Seating

The banquet tables and chairs are arranged in rows in the conference room. As with the classroom, the space of each seat will vary according to the size of the table. This table-type display has a certain flexibility in the arrangement of the conference room area and the number of spectators. Participants can have a table for placing information and taking notes, and can also accommodate the maximum number of people. Suitable for forums, press conferences, seminars, trainings, etc. This form makes it easy for the audience to take a record.

3. Fishbone Style Setup

The fishbone layout is to arrange the tables of the conference room in order according to the shape of the fish skeleton. And place the seat around the table. Leave a space between the tables to make the overall pattern appear a fishbone shape. This furniture layout is suitable for interactive seminars and small and medium-sized meetings.

Below are Chiavari chairs and Tiffany chairs arrangement samples with rectangular banquet tables. Ballroom chairs and Napoleon chairs are also ideal choices.

Different Events Seatings

4. Banquet Style Seating

The banquet-style layout is made up of large round tables, each of which can seat 5 to 12 people. The most commonly used is a 1.5-meter-wide banquet table with 8 to 10 seats. The distance between the centers of each table is at least 3 meters. There should be a space of 0.6 meters aisle between the banquet chairs and the wall. The number of tables that can be accommodated in the venue can be calculated according to the diameter. Banquet-style layout is generally used for weddings, ceremonies, dining halls, and training sessions.

Elegant Banquet chairs for sale with round banquet tables are hot-sale hotel banquet furniture.

Different Events Seatings


5. U-shape Style Layout

Connect the rectangular banquet table in the form of a U Shape. Place the stackable banquet chairs on the outside of the table. Then a presentation area is naturally formed at the front opening, which is typically used to place the projector. Usually, we will place green plants in the middle as decoration. This layout is suitable for small, discussion-style meetings of up to 40 people. This kind of meeting allows participants to communicate closely.

6. Hollow Square Arrangement

The hollow square layout is the same as the U-shape style but leaves no end opening. And the function chairs are also placed on the outside of the table. It is often used in conferences for academic seminars. The location of the host is set in the front side, and microphones can be placed in each position to facilitate the participants to speak. This form has certain requirements for meeting room space.

Different Events Seatings Use In The Venue

In general, different venue layouts of banquet chairs and tables are suitable for different types of conferences. How to choose the layout of the venue depends on the functional requirements. Some events are mainly based on reading, some activities are mainly based on listening, and some need to be combined with audiovisual. Therefore, when setting up the venue, we must focus on it, treat it differently, and do everything to get the best results.

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