Specialty Banquet Tables You Should Own Now

If you are involved in event planning and put on a lot of special functions, it is prudent to have several types of banquet tables at your disposal. This will provide you with a wide variety of options for room layouts for every type of occasion. The Chiavari Chair Company carries many specialty banquet tables for all your needs. Serpentines A serpentine table is an event planner’s dream. It allows the venue to provide buffet tables in various arrangements for the optimum presentation. A pinwheel cocktail buffet, a curved dinner buffet, or a circular dessert table – all these are possible

How to Choose the Right Shape and Size of Tables for Wedding Reception

Should you go with the serpentine look? Deciding which tables to rent for your wedding is a critical step in creating the look and feel you want for your reception. Do you envision guests gathered at small round tables of six or eight guests for intimate conversation, or do you prefer long tables that seem endless in a room? Thankfully, the choice is yours to make. Here are some questions you’ll want to answer in an effort to help you decide which tables will be best for your wedding.   What’s your wedding vision? Wedding planners and designers Joanna and Sarah Kwok of Honour and Blessing

Discover Your Taste: Sweetheart Table Styles

Get inspired to sit in style with your new spouse at an intimate reception table.   Once the vows have been exchanged, the first kiss enacted, and the newlyweds sent back up the aisle, it’s time for the festivities to truly get going. As revelers mix and mingle, they’ll explore the reception space and eventually find their seats at a dinner table showcasing décor that matches the motif of the event. While friends and family sit down to enjoy delicious fare, the couple of honor will also have a table to go to, despite the old saying that brides and

Beautiful Wedding Reception Tables That Don’t Have Linens

Find out more about this latest wedding trend to go bare. When it comes to dressing your wedding reception tables, the first step is often to choose the linens. While tablecloths do set the foundation for a tablescape, they’re not a necessity when it comes to your décor. In fact, many couples are embracing the trend of keeping their tables bare of linens. If you don’t want to get rid of them altogether, we recommend keeping the head or sweetheart table tablecloth-free and dressing your guest tables in luxurious materials that will add an element of beauty and dimension to the overall

Pros and Cons: Choosing a Sweetheart Table vs. Head Table

The perks and drawbacks of sitting as a couple or with your nearest and dearest at the reception.   They say that developing a seating chart for your wedding will be one of the biggest challenges you face whilst planning your wedding day – and particularly your wedding reception. If you choose to assign tables for your wedding guests – especially if all attendees are given specifics seats – you’ll have to pour over your guest list to devise the best possible arrangement for your friends and family.   Many couples spend so much time concentrating on their extended families,

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