Rose Gold Mirrored Furniture

Rose Gold Mirrored Furniture Rose Gold Mirrored Furniture is now available at Wedding Furniture! Continuing on from last year, blush tones and rose gold/copper hints are set to be another popular colour choice for weddings and events this summer. We are pleased to introduce our first rose gold event feature of 2018, in the form of this stunning rose gold mirror bar. For this event, we provided a slatted mirror bar with a matching rose gold back bar counter. The plinths were also provided in the slatted mirror effect, which was in keeping with the look of the bar. Overall, the

Tips for Choosing a Bar Table

Tips for Choosing a Bar Table Just having a well-stocked bar counter isn’t enough to entertain visitors; having the right bar table that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing is equally important. In recent years, bar tables have gained massive popularity among people as it allows them to create a compact bar area to entertain their guests. Nowadays, bar tables have also become a common sight in the business events as it has become the main place to socialize with others at the event. With so many styles of bar tables available in the market, it can be pretty daunting

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