Food Truck Wedding Catering

Food Truck Wedding Catering A fun wedding catering option is to buy a food truck. This catering style is a wonderful choice for couples on tight budgets and planning an informal nuptial venue. The Logistics Since food trucks are a newer option for serving food at your wedding, you first have to work out the logistics. Finding the Trucks Local food trucks tend to frequent certain locations. Ask the foodies you know which food trucks are their favorites. Since food trucks are on the move, you can find them in some of the unlikeliest places, maybe even outside of your doctor’s

Outdoor wedding venue ideas

Outdoor wedding venue ideas A few venue ideas for your outdoor wedding will help you narrow the choices. Keep in mind the specific features you want for your nuptial location while exploring all possibilities. Wineries Wineries are a popular outdoor wedding venue thanks to the romantic scenery. Grape vines, rolling fields and plenty of quality wine for guests to enjoy are all reasons brides may want to consider a winery wedding. For those considering such a location, be sure to visit at least three different options prior to booking – each winery has its own unique character, wines and venue

Wedding BBQ ideas for a fabulous event

Wedding BBQ ideas for a fabulous event. A BBQ is the perfect wedding theme for a couple who wants a causal affair that celebrates their love of the backyard favorites. However, even if you want a wedding that’s more classy while still country, you have plenty of options for creating that perfect BBQ style. BBQ Wedding Menu The menu is often the main event for a BBQ wedding. The food should be down-home delicious and nothing else will do. Settle on your menu and the rest of the wedding will come together. Backyard Menu Suggestion When you’re planning a backyard reception, serve

Planning A Pastel Themed Wedding

Planning A Pastel Themed Wedding A Guide To Planning A Subtle And Elegant Pastel Themed Wedding We do a lot of things to ensure that our wedding day is the most memorable day in our lives. One of the easiest ways to do this is by opting for a pastel wedding theme that speaks volumes about the essence of your wedding. Nothing is as subtle, calm and romantic as those gorgeous muted shades. If you want to incorporate soft tones in your wedding whilst making it look contemporary, the pastel theme is your call. As a one-stop-shop wedding furniture suppler

Perfect Garden Ceremony Location

Perfect Garden Ceremony Location If you are in the process of deciding your wedding venue, you know there are many options. A simple function hall, an elaborate castle, and every kind of venue in between beckons to you and makes you think about how to make the day memorable. While many settle on a church as a ceremony location, here are some reasons why holding your ceremony in a garden makes for a perfect ceremony moment. Take Advantage of Beautiful Weather When you choose to have a spring, summer, or autumn wedding, one of the nicest options is to have

2022 Wedding Reception Trends

2022 Wedding Reception Trends As 2022 ticks by, you may find yourself wondering what the biggest wedding reception trends are as of late. After all, along with long-held wedding traditions, there are so many things that come and go in terms of popularity with weddings. To make your reception not only amazing but one that’s up with the times, you may want to tap into some of these trends. Big Parties Since we spent quite some time unable to gather in large groups thanks to COVID-19 lockdowns, big parties have their place these days. Celebrations with all of your family and friends where

Small weddings and venues

Small weddings and venues ARE SMALL WEDDINGS AND VENUES REALLY A BETTER CHOICE? Getting married brings thoughts and visions of grand venues, large family gatherings, and scenes from movies like Father of the Bride or maybe the Wedding Planner. But putting grand wedding scenes aside for a minute, do weddings have to be large, or can you have a splendidly small wedding instead? We’ve been to weddings for 600+ and some for just the close family. Although we’d never say one is better than the other (as it’s down to personal choice) we must say that the smaller weddings can

The Perfect Wedding Venue

The Perfect Wedding Venue Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue Congratulations! You’re getting married! Now the preparations for the big day commence. Of course, the main part of any wedding is a perfect wedding venue, and every couple wants theirs to be amazing. But how do you make sure you’ve chosen the best one that suits your requirements? Once you’ve picked a venue everything else revolves around it. From the décor, the flowers, the vibe, and especially the photographs. To help you choose the perfect wedding venue for your big day we have put together a guide to the different

The Right Furniture For Events

The Right Furniture For Events Growing expectations is easy, and delivering those expectations is challenging. When you are burdened with organizing an event, you must ascertain that everything goes well. You must do your best to provide an impeccable ambiance for your guests. Every event revolves around guests, so you do everything, keeping your guests in mind. Let us accept the fact that not all of us are experts belonging to established event furniture companies. Whether it is a wedding ceremony or office party, you must select the type of chairs and tables depending on the theme and venue. There are

Why Should Start A Wedding Venue in 2022

Why Should Start A Wedding Venue in 2022 Have you always dreamed of opening your own wedding venue? Well, good news! 2022 may be the best year in many years to open one. While the event industry as whole has suffered through the Covid-19 pandemic, the light at the end of the tunnel is that the industry will now see a surge in business over the next few years. Before and during the pandemic, opening a wedding venue may have seemed like a risky undertaking. Now in 2022, we’re here to tell you there hasn’t been a better time to

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